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Set the timer and then begin the test. Read each question carefully and select your answer from the list. When you are done, please click the Submit button to send your test.

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Countdown timer for the Grammar Section of the Test
©1996 David Ochoa

Writing Part
Allow yourself about 10 minutes for ONE of the following writing topics. Don't use a dictionary or grammar book.
Write about a famous person OR about someone in your family.

Read the following passage and answer the questions. Take about 10 minutes to finish.

"Having taken a long nap, John woke up refreshed and eager for what the rest of the day might bring. His morning had been uneventful, yet a strange feeling had taken up lodging in the back of his mind and would not vacate. What was it, this feeling? Sadness? Wistfulness? Relief? He wasn't sure. He only knew that it was something different, something that he'd never felt before. Maybe it had something to do with Julia. John could picture her in his mind's eye: beautiful, mysterious Julia. She had appeared out of nowhere and entered his life like a typhoon, upsetting everything, and then passing on. Yes, surely it was Julia. Thank goodness she was gone. And if only she would return!"

1. A "nap" is a
a. meal

2."eager" means
a.kind of bird

3.How did John feel after his nap?

4. How had he felt in the morning?

5."She had appeared out of nowhere." What does this idiom mean?

6. Is John happy that Julia is gone? How do you know?


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